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Draft 1.0:

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Installation - Install a New Entity™

1.) cleanValue - I/O value formatting

2.) createOrigin - Define Origin locations and base environment variables

3.) entityMap - Define Maps to discoverable metaclass objects.

4.) interactionsXY - XY Interaction building blocks

5.) newentity - Optimized Response Code

6.) presentEntity - Define Entity display definitions

7.) tempoCommunicate - Time logic-engine and server communication decider

8.) windowView - Define View logic and add enhanced visual features

9.) index - Default Starting Page

10.) sitemap - Default Base Page

11.) /textpage/plain Default Base Page

Extensions: Extend your New Entity™


Purpose: Starting overview of enabling a New Entity™

Additional Usage: Add modular Frontend frameworks on top of a New Entity™ to enhance it's visual features and capabilities.

A modular New Entity™ has the following directory grid:



textpage/plain is a simple I/O endpoint. It can be in HTML, XML, or plain text (Other simple endpoint extension of your choosing are allowed if explicitly defined and tracked, such as .txt, .ds, and more.)

Either 1 minimal .js file newentity.js or the same file broken into modular parts, totaling 7 scripts must be present in order to get the maximized benefit.

As a framework, the total scripts needed can be minimized to compress requests into the following directory grid format->1 .js, 1 .html, 1 .xml, 1 .ds, 1 .jpg

What do these scripts Include? A complete, industry leading media delivery front end with fully optimized and compliant inline styles made available as a starting point.


1.) createOrigin.js- Define Origin locations and base environment variables

2.) presentEntity.js - Define Entity display definitions

3.) entityMap.js - Define Maps to discoverable metaclass objects

4.) windowView.js - Define View logic and add enhanced visual features

5.) interactionsXY.js - XY Interaction building blocks

6.) tempoCommunicate.js - Time logic-engine and server communication decider

7.) cleanValue.js - I/O value formatting

X.) Additional Extensions - There are many possible ways to extend a New Entity™ with custom routines and operations.


1.) index.html - Default Starting Page

2.) /textpage/plain - Default Base Page


1.) sitemap.xml - Sitemap for the default configuration

How to Use: Installation and setup

1.) Simply put all 7 of the scripts into the default script location

2.) Put the entire newentity.js section into the bottom of your default/stock issued page. These files should go in this exact order only.

This would then be installed by changing your domain specific variables and putting in script blocks.


If you're using the optimized version, use the following:


In many instances, using only one of the scripts may be necessary. Or, you may choose to combine them.

View Optimized newentity.js | Start script explore: cleanValue

Release overview:

Release Version Name Release Version Date
Version 0.6: Preview 12/28/2020

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