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Draft 1.1:

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New Entity™ I/O provides developers of all skill levels with an open source and performant starting point to handle interactions from site visitors. The framework is fully optimized as a starting point and not intended to provide default network access routines or hooks. Almost all the basic relevant network outputs are summarized in a New Entity™ and it gives you the optimal starting point to establish a free and open personal presence online.

Establish a media asset delivery pipeline with leading benchmarks, reusability, reliability, and clarity in mind. Need to modify the code? A programmer will be sure to make quick work of the built in structures and will be able to add headache free additions, edits, or enhancements!

New Entity™ I/O gives you:

[X] Default HTML Page: index.html

[X] Default CSS Inline Styles: responsive delivery grid formats and light-weight starting action blocks for transparent DOM access

[X] Default Base Page: No Executable Code - PlainText/HTML/XML choices for those not running interactive browser software, delivered as a basic endpoint: /textpage/page

[X] Default XML sitemap.xml page fully optimized for 2023

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Link to Package: Download (Available Soon: License to be Announced 06/01/2023)

License: Preview Build - All Rights Reserved

Date of Publication: 2020

Copyright Holder: New Entity Operations Inc.

Primary Author: Ryan McKenna

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, XML

Backend Extension Languages: Python, PHP, Ruby, Node

Use with

Routing/Templating Frameworks: Flask, Ruby on Rails